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X:10 T:Catching Rabbits R:reel C:Ian Powrie D:Buddy MacMaster, Cape Breton Tradition B:Original Compositions by Ian Powrie Vol. 2 Z:Paul Stewart Cranford (P.S.C.), <> L:1/8 Q:333 M:C| K:D AG|FAAB ABde|f2 ef edBA|Beed e2 ef|gefd edBA| FAAB ABde|f2 ef edBA|Bdef gefd|eAce d2:| |:ag|(3(fgf) ef edBd|ABde Tf2 ed|Beed e2 ef|[1gefd e2 ag| (3(fgf) ef edBd|ABde Tf2 ed|Bdef gefd|eAce d2:| [2gefd edBA|FAAB ABde|f2 ef edBA|Bdef gefd|eAce d2:| W:Copyrights - Deeay Music (MCPS)

CATCHING RABBITS. Scottish, Reel (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB'. Composed by Scottish fiddler and dance band leader Wikipedia:Ian_Powrie (1923-2011).

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Recorded sources : - Lochaber CDLOC 1096, Ian Powrie - "Legend of the Fiddle." Rounder Records 7052, Buddy MacMaster - "The Cape Breton Tradition" (2003).

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