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X:1 T:Catching of Quails L:1/8 M:6/8 Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion S:Sharp - Country Dance Tunes (1909) K:G c2 c c>BA|B2G G>e=f|g2g e>=fg|^f3 d3| c2c c>BA|B2G G>e=f|g2g e>=fg|^f3 d3|| |:f2g f2g|f2g f>ef|g2 =f e>dc|B3 G3| g2a g2a|g2a g2=f|e2d e>dc|B3 G3:||

CATCHING OF QUAILS. English, Country Dance Tune (6/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB. The modality of this tune, which was originally published in Playford's Dancing Master (4th edition, 1670), shifts from C to G to D Major. It was retained in the long-running Dancing Master series through the 10th edition, 1698. The title was one specifically mentioned in plays of the 17th century as being for bagpipe repertoire (Collinson, The Bagpipe, 1975).

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Printed sources : - Barlow (Complete Country Dances from Playford's Dancing Master), 1985; No. 197, p. 52. Sharp (Country Dance Tunes), 1909; p. 27.

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