Annotation:Ceannabháin Bhána (Na)

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X:1 T:Na Ceannabháin Bhána L:1/8 M:9/8 R:Slip Jig Z:Transcribed by Karen Lowe K:G BGG AGE GED|EGD DEG A2c|BGG AGE GED|EGD DEF G2c:| Bdd edd BAG|Bdd edB A2c|Bdd edd BAG|GED DEF G3:||

CEANNABHÁIN BHÁNA, NA (The Little Fair Cannavans). AKA and see "Cotton Grass Flowers (The)," "Moll Roe (2)." Irish, Air or Slip Jig. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The melody was lilted as an infant-dawdling song, with appropriate lyrics, and was collected in Connemara from Colm Ó Caoidheáin by collector and piper Séamus Ennis in the 1940's. The words are nonsense lyrics in Irish:

Gairm fhéin,gairm fhéin,gairm fhéin,
Gairm fhéin Micil is Máire
Gairm fhéin,gairm fhéin,gairm fhéin,
Seo iad na ceannabháin Bhana.
Cuirfidh mé,Cuirfidh mé,Cuirfidh mé,
Cuirfidh mé suas ag sadbh Sheáin thú
Cuirfidh mé,Cuirfidh mé,Cuirfidh mé,
Is Cuirfidh sí buirín sa ngleann ort.

Translated it goes something like this (according to the Cran album liner notes):

Good for you, Mical and Maire!
They are the white headed Canavans.
I will send you up to Sean's Sive
And she will put a spancel on you in the glen.

Additional notes

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