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X:1 T:Chadwell’s Station M:4/4 L:1/8 R:Reel N:From The Foghorn String Band's Devil in the Seat album N:Youtube Z:Jan Howard 2022 K:G |:"G" GABA E4|"C" ED B,2 D2E2|"G" G4 GABA|E2D2 "D" EG2A|\ M:2/4 "G "G4 :|/ M:4/4 "G" GABA E4|"C" ED B,2 D2E2|"G" G4 GABA|E2D2"D" EG2A|\ M:2/4 "G" G2 Bc | M:4/4 ||:"G" d4 B2G2|"C" AGAB cAG2|"G" Bd2e d4|"D" edef g2g2|"G" dege d2B2| "C" AGAB cAG2|"D" Bd2e d4|"D" edef "G" g2g2|"G" gege B2B2| "C" ABAG E4|"G" EDB,2 D2E2|"G" G4 GABA |"G" E2D2 "D" EG2A|\ M:2/4 |1 "G" G2 Bc:|\ M:2/4 |2 "G" G2||

CHADWELL'S STATION. AKA - Chadwell Station. America, Reel. A tune popularized by Seattle's Canote twins. Chadwell's Station was a fortified stopover on the Wildnerness Trail in Lee County, Virginia, built by David Chadwell, an early settler, around 1790. The tune is in the Hamblon Collection, a manuscript entitled A Collection of Violin Tunes Popular During the Early 1800's, compiled in the mid-1950's byA. Porter Hamblon, currently housed in the Library of Congress. It is inscribed "A collection of violin tunes, popular during the early 1800's as played by David Russell Hamblon (1809-1893) and his son Williamson (1846-1920) arranged and copied by A. Porter Hamblon (1875-195-) son of Williamson." A note in the MS gives that the tune was "played by David Russell Hamblon in the 1840's," and that "Chadwell's Station is a small village located on Highway 58 about six miles east of Cumberland Gap, Lee County, Virginia," near where Hamblon lived.

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Recorded sources : - Yodel-Ay-Hee Records CD071, Christian Wig & Whitt Mead - "Chadwell's Station: Fiddling on the Frontier." Foghorn Stringband - "Devil in the Seat" (2015).

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