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X: 1 T: La chicaneuse C: French Canadian M: C| L: 1/8 Z: Transcribed to abc by Mary Lou Knack R: reel F: K: Ador A,B, \ | "Am"CA,[A,E]A, CA,[A,E]A, | "G"B,G,[G,D]G, B,G,[G,D]G, |\ | "Am"CA,[A,E]A, CA,[A,E]A, |1,3 "G"B,G,[G,D]G, "Am"A,2 :|2,4 "G"B,G,[G,D][B,D] "Am"[A,2E2] :| |: ^cd \ | "A" efed ^cdef | "G"g{f}ed=c BGGB | "A"efed ^cAcd | eaa^g a2ef | | "A"=gfed ^cdef | "G"g{f}ed=c BGGB | "Am"c2B2 {cB}AGE[FD] | "G"GEDB, "Am"A,2 :|

CHICANEUSE, LA. AKA and see "Bonhomme et la bonne femme chicaneux (Le)," "Growling Old Man," "Growling Old Man and Grumbling Old Woman (The)." French-Canadian, Reel. A chicaneuse is a litigious or quarrelsome woman. See also the similar "Moineau Lamoureux" from Gaspesie fiddler Yvon Mimeault.

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