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X:1 T:Choctaw County Rag C:The Ray Brothers M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Rag D: D:Document 8028, Ray Brothers - Mississippi String Bands D:Victor V-40313 (78 RPM), Ray Brothers (1930) Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C eg-|g2b2a2(g>a/g/4|e)aga g2Bc|d2c>d [Ec][Ec] A2|G6g2-| g2b2a2 (g>a/g/4|e)aga g2Bc|d d2d de3|d6- d(e| g2)b2a2(g>a/g/4|e)aga g2Bc|dc2d c(GA2)(E|G6) Gc| cdcd cGAc|AGcd c2 +slide+[e2e2]-|[ee]aga/g/ ecd2|c6:| (EF|G)cAGE2 G2|cd[ee][de] [e2e2] de|d2 [E2c2]- [Ec]d/c/ AG|Ec2d c2E-G-| GcAGE2 G2|cd[ee][de] [e2e2] d2-|d2d4[e2e2]|g3a g2(e2| g2)c'2a2ga|eaga e2Bc|dc2d cGA2|G6 GB| Adcd cEGc|Adcd c2d2-|eagg ec d2|[E6c6]||

CHOCTAW COUNTY RAG. American, Country Rag (cut time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The tune was composed by Chester, Choctaw County, Mississippi, fiddler Will E. Ray, one half of the group The Ray Brothers, along with his brother Vardman on guitar (although there were other brothers in the family as well). The Ray Brothers recorded ten sides in Memphis, Tennessee, on two different dates (months apart) in 1930.
The Ray Brothers

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Recorded sources: - Document DOCD 8020, The Ray Brothers - "Mississippi String Bands, vol. 2" (). Musical Traditions Records ‎104, The Ray Brothers - "Where the Southern Crosses the Dog" (1994. Various artists). Victor V-40313 (78 RPM), The Ray Brothers (1930).

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Document 8028, The Ray Brothers - "Mississippi String Bands, vol. 2" (reissue).