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X:1 T:Cincinnati [1] N:From the playing of fiddler John Lusk (1886-1969, Warren County, Tenn.), N:and son, from a 1964 recording by Ralph Rinzler. M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Fast" D: Z:Andrew Kuntz K:G Jg2g2g2d2|g2gg g2e-g-|g2d2 c2B2|A3A A2((3efg| a2) aa a2 f2|afaf a2 fg|g2 ed BAB2|G2GG G2d-e-| g2 gg g2d2|gege g2eg-|g2 e-d B2B2|A3AA2((3efg| a2) af a2 ff|afaf a2 fg| g2 ed BAB2|G2GG G2|| [G2_B2]-|[G2=B2][GB][GB][G2B2] [GB][GA]|[G2B2][GB][GA] [G2B2][G2_B2]-|[GB][GA][GB][GA] [G3c3]B|[D3A3][DA]- [D2A2][D2A2]-| [D2A2][D2A2]c2A2|DD [FA][FA][F2A2][FA]-[DA]-|[DA]ED2 B,2D2|G,-G-GG,- G2||

CINCINNATI [1]. American, Reel. USA, Cumberland Plateau (Ky./Tenn. border area). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). "Cincinnati [1]" was a Cumberland Plateau regional fiddler's staple, in the repertory of fiddlers John Lusk (1886-1969), Blaine Smith, and others. Lusk, of Warren County, middle Tennessee, was recorded in the field at least two different times playing the tune: for Library of Congress collector Margaret Mayo in 1946, and for Ralph Rinzler in 1964. The first time he was accompanied by Murphy Gribble (ban.) and Alvin York (gtr.), and the second time by his son. The differences in the recordings are striking, for in 1946 Lusk was an accomplished and vibrant fiddler in his prime, but eighteen years later his skills had sadly deteriorated.

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Recorded sources : - Library of Congress AFS 08515 A, John Lusk Band (1946). Rounder CD 0238, John Lusk Band - "Altamont: Black String Band Music from the Library of Congress." Tune also recorded by Blaine Smith on Pine Breeze Records.

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