Annotation:Clan Ranald's March to Edinburgh

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X:1 T:Pibroch Chlann Raonailt T:Clan Ranald's march to Edinburgh M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Pibroch N:"end with the first part." B:Daniel Dow - A Collection of Ancient Scots Music (1778, pp. 39-40) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Ador e2A (ef)d|{d}B2G {e}A2B|e2A (ef)d|e2B (ed)G| e2A (ef)d|(dB)G (A/B/A)B|e2A (ef)d|e2B (de)B| (ed)G (ef)d|e2B {e}d2G|e2A (ef)e/d/|{d}B2G (A/B/A)B|| e>Ae {f}e>de|f>de {e}d2G|A>ee {f}e>de|f>de e2A| d>Ae e>Ae|f>de {e}d2G|A>ee e>de| e>de {f}e>de|A>ee {f}e>de|f>de {d}B2A:|| Ae/d/e ee/d/e|fe/d/e {d}B2G|Ae/d/e ee/d/e|fe/d/e e2A| Be/d/e ee/d/e|fe/d/e {e}d2G|Ae/d/e ee/d/e|fe/d/e ee/d/e| Ae/d/e ed/e/e|fe/d/e Be/d/e|Ae/d/e ee/d/e| fe/d/e ee/d/e|Ae/d/e ee/d/e|fe/d/e {d}B2G|| M:C| L:1/8 Ae e/e/e/e/ ed e/e/e/e/|fd e/e/e/e/ {d}B2G2|Ae e/e/e/e/ ed e/e/e/e/|fd e/e/e/e/ e2A2| Be e/e/e/e/ ed e/e/e/e/|fd e/e/e/e/ {e}d2G2|Ae e/e/e/e/ {f}ed e/e/e/e/|fd e/e/e/e/ {f}ed e/e/e/e/| Ad e/e/e/e/ ed e/e/e/e/|fd e/e/e/e/ Bd e/e/e/e/|Ae e/e/e/e/ {f}ed e/e/e/e/| fd e/e/e/e/ {f}ed e/e/e/e/|Ad e/e/e/e/ {f}ed e/e/e/e/|fd e/e/e/e/ fd e/e/e/e/ {d}B2G2||

CLAN RANALD'S MARCH TO EDINBURGH (Pibroch Chlann Raonailt). Scottish, Pibroch (6/8 and cut time). A Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle).

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Printed sources : - Dow (A Collection of Ancient Scots Music), 1778; pp. 39-40.

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