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X:1 T: Clarinet Polka C: K.Namyslowski R: polka Z: 2005 John Chambers <> P: AABBACCA M: 2/4 L: 1/16 K: F [f4A4] [f4A4] | [f4A4] zCB,"A"|: A,CFA CFAc | A2A2 A2Ac | A2Ac A2Ac | cBGE C2DC | B,CEG CEGB | e2e2 e2dB| |1,3e2dB e2dB | dcAF C2CB, :|2,4 c2ed cBAG | F2F2 F2z2 :| K: C "B"|: G2^FG AGFG | EGce g4| egfe dfed |1,3 ceed cBAG :|2,4 c2c2 c2z2 :| K: Bb "C"\ |: f4- fdBG | F6 FE | DFBF DFBF | EFAF E2e2 | e4- ecAG |F6 F2 |1,3 A3E A3E | G2G2 F2f2 :|2,4 F2GF =EFGA | B2B2 B2z2 :|

CLARINET POLKA. American, Canadian; Polka. USA; Pa., New York, Missouri. B Flat Major ('A' part), E Flat Major ('B' part) & F Major ('C' part) {Phillips, version #1}: G Major ('A' part), D Major ('B' part) & C Major ('C' part) {Phillips, version #2}. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BBAA'CCAA'. Composition of the "Clarinet Polka" has been attributed to a variety of sources. it is frequently attributed [1] to Polish composer Karol Namyslowski (1856-1925) as the "Dziadunio Polka," or "Dziadek Polka" (Grandfather Polka), copyrighted in 1913. Namyslowski formed The Karol Namyslowski Peasant Orchestra which toured the United States in l925, playing the Metropolitan Opera House in New York and the White House (for Calvin Coolidge), among other venues, and recording 10 sides for Victor Records in Camden, N.J. The first sound recording in the U.S. of "The Clarinet Polka" was issued by Columbia Records of the playing of Frank Przybylski in 1915.

The melody was widely disseminated and hugely popular, in particular (as the name suggests) with clarinetists, for whom it was de rigueur to learn. It was in the repertories of dance fiddler Ralph Sauers, Buffalo Valley, Pa., and hammered dulcimer player Paul Van Arsdale (North Tonawanda, N.Y.) who added a fourth part to the tune.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Mark O'Connor [Phillips/version #1].

Printed sources : - Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 2), 1995; pp. 341 & 342 (two versions).

Recorded sources : - Birchmount ‎– BM 503, Earl Mitton - "Downeast Fiddle Favorites" (1958). Greenhays GR 710, John McCutcheon - "Fine Times at our House" (1982). MSOTFA 007, Charlie Walden - "Draggin' the Bow" (1985). RCA Victor LCP 1001, Ned Landry and his New Brunswick Lumberjacks - "Bowing the Strings with Ned Landry."

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