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X: 1 T: The Clay Pipe C: R:Jig N: K:Em M:6/8 L:1/16 |:B2G2E2 E4e2|B2G2E2 F2G2A2|B2G2E2 E4d2|A2F2D2 F2G2A2|B2G2E2 E4e2| B2G2E2 F2G2A2|1d2^c2d2 A2B2G2|F2D2F2 A2F2A2:|2d2^c2B2 A2B2G2|F2D2F2 A2F2D2|| |:E2G2B2 e2f2g2|f2e2^d2 e4F2|E2G2B2 e2B2G2|F2D2F2 A2F2D2|E2G2B2 e2f2g2| f2d2f2 e2^c2e2|1d2c2B2 A2B2G2|F2D2F2 A2F2D2:|2d2^c2d2 A2B2G2|F2D2F2 A2F2A2|| |:g4e2 e2f2e2|g2e2g2 b2g2e2|g4e2 e2f2g2|f2d2f2 a2g2f2|g4e2 e2f2e2| g2e2g2 b2g2e2|1d2^c2d2 A2B2G2|F2D2F2 A2F2A2:|2d2^c2B2 A2B2G2|F2D2F2 A2F2D2|| |:E2G2B2 e2B2G2|B2G2E2 F2G2F2|E2G2B2 e2B2G2|F2D2F2 A2G2F2| E2G2B2 G2B2e2|B2e2g2 e2g2b2|f2e2d2 A2B2G2|1F2D2F2 A2G2F2:|2F2E2D2 D6||

CLAY PIPE. AKA and see "Fire in the Mountains (8)," "Monaghan Jig (The)." Irish, Canadian; Double Jig. Canada, Cape Breton. E Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'CC' (Cranford/Fitzgerald): AABBCCDD (Monaghan Jig). Three-turn versions were published in The Harding Collection and O'Neill's. According to Paul Cranford (1997), a four-turn setting first appeared in 1809 in Gow's 5th Collection (with a new variation by Mr. Sharpe of Hoddom). Sligo/New York fiddler Michael Coleman recorded a four-turn version with a different fourth part in the 1920's. Smollet Holden published a version as "Fire in the Mountains (8)" in his Collection of Favorite Irish Airs (London, c. 1841).

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - Winston Fitzgerald (1914-1987, Cape Breton) [Cranford].

Printed sources : - Cranford (Winston Fitzgerald), 1997; No. 195, p. 76.

Recorded sources: -Banff CM4-735, Winston Fitzgerald - "Old Time Fiddle Hits, vol. 2" (198?). JEMF-105, Joe Cormier - "New England Traditional Fiddling" (Appears as first tune of "Clay Pipe Medley"). Rounder Heritage Series 1166-11592-2, Joe Cormier (et al) - "The Art of Traditonal Fiddle" (2001. Appears as first tune of "Clay Pipe Medley").

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