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X:1 T:Clog canadienne M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig N:The first strain is shared with "St. Lawrence Jig" N:from the playing of Isidore Soucy (1899-1963, Montreal, Québec) D:Starr 15752 (78 RPM), Isidore Soucy, Donat Lafleur & Montpetit (1930) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G B|ded Bdg|b2g d2g|faa cee|[M:9/8]edc Bdd d2B| [M:6/8]ded Bdg|b2g d2g|faa cee|[M:9/8]edd ded cBA|[M:6/8] GBd g2:| B|BAA Acc|cBB Bdd|dcc cBc|[M:9/8]edd d2B, DBB | [M:6/8]BAA Acc| cBB Bdd| dcc cBc| edd def| gff fee| edd d2B |ded cBA|GBd g2||

CLOG CANADIENNE. French-Canadian, Jig (6/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. This dance tune was recorded by Isidore Soucy in 1930 for Star Records. The first strain is shared with "St. Lawrence Jig," familiar to musicians in New England and Ontario. Researcher Jean Duval also finds the first strain of the tune employed by fiddlers J.O. LaMadeleine ("Quadrille des seigneurs 4ème partie") and by Jospeh Allard ("Set de Vaudreuil 1ère partie") for recordings in the 78 RPM era. However, in each case the second strains are completely different from one-another[1]. See also J.A. Boucher's "Yeux verts (Les)" for yet another version with a different second strain.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Jean Duval (La Musique de Isidore Soucy), 2017; No. 149, p. 76.

Recorded sources : - Starr 15752b (78 RPM), Isidore Soucy, Donat Lafleur, Montpetit (1930).

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See another standard notation transcription in Jean Duval's comprehensive volume of Soucy's recorded output [1]

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  1. Jean Duval, "La Musique de Isidore Soucy", 2017, p. 211.