Annotation:Cluck Old Hen (4)

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X:1 T: Cluck Old Hen (4) C: from Howdy Forrester, via Bill Long N:In open D tuning (DDAD). The B part is played on bottom string N:the second time through, omitting the "B" note. Z:Stuart Williams, abc's by V.T. Williams M:C| K:D AdBcd2df|ede2f4|AdBc defd|e2d4(3dcB| AdBcd2df|ede2f4|dfed efdf|e2d4(3dcB|| |:ABAG FEDF|EDE2F2D2|ABAG FEDF|E2D6| ABAG FEDF|EDE2F2D2|"plucked".d2.A2D"bowed"EFD|E2D6:|

CLUCK OLD HEN [4]. American, Reel. D Major. Cross tuned (fiddle). Howdy Forrester.

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Recorded sources : - Voyager Records VRCD 301, Bill Long - "Fiddle Jam Session." Voyager Records, Vivian Williams - "Fiddler."

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