Annotation:Coach Road to Sligo (2) (The)

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X: 1 T: the Tar Road to Sligo O: Ireland S: Terry Traub 11-3-02 R: jig M: 6/8 L: 1/8 F: K: D g |\ "Bm"fdB Bcd | "A7"ecA BAG | "D"FGA ABc | "G"dcd "A7"efg | "Bm"fdB Bcd | "A7"ecA BAG | "D"FGA Aag | "A7"fdc "D"d2 :| B |\ "D"Adf Adf | "Em"gfg "A7"efg | "D"afd "Bm"dcd | "Em"Bed "A7"cBA | "D"Adf Adf | "Em"gfg "A7"efg | "D"a^ga "G"bge | "A7"edc "D"d2 |] B |\ "D"Adf Adf | "Em"gfg "A7"efg | "D"afd dcd | "Em"Bed "A"cBA | "Bm"fdB "Em"gec | "D"afd "G"bge | "D"a^ga "G"bge | "A7"edc "D"d2 |]

COACH ROAD TO SLIGO [2], THE. AKA and see "High Road to Sligo," "Tar Road to Sligo," "Races at Carrick (The)." Irish, Jig (6/8 time). D Major (the tune begins on the relative minor). As "Tar Road to Sligo" this was part of County Sligo/New York City fiddler Michael Coleman's 1927 "Tobin's Fancy" medley. The title "Coach Road to Sligo" has been confused with Coleman's similarly titled "Tar Road to Sligo", but "Coach Road to Sligo" usually belongs to the G major tune of that name ("Coach Road to Sligo (1) (The)")

Renowned 20th century fiddler James Morrison was born in 1893 in Drumfin on the Coach Road to Sligo, near Riverstown. The road is the main road out of Sligo town heading towards Ballina in County Mayo and is still called Mail Coach Road, a relic of the system of mail routes in Ireland established in the latter 18th century.

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