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COBBLER'S REEL [3] (Le Reel du Cordonnier). AKA - "The Shoemaker's Reel." French-Canadian, Reel. Canada; Gaspé region, Québec. D Major (Remon & Bouchard). Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BBB' (Remon & Bouchard). A 'crooked' tune learned by Remon & Bouchard in the Gaspé, albeit without a name. They called it "Le reel du cordonnier", as they were on tour with an ur-group that later became La Bottine Souriante (The Smiling Boot). In Québec the second part is usually played three times rather than two. Maritime fiddler Don Messer played a version of the tune called "Spud Island Breakdown," composed by Cec McEachern.

Source for notated version: Mario St-Germain [Remon & Bouchard].

Printed sources: Remon & Bouchard (25 Crooked Tunes, vol. 1: Québec Fiddle Tunes), 1996; No. 21.

Recorded sources:

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