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COLEMAN'S MARCH [2]. AKA and see "Bonnie Blue Flag (The)," "Jaunting Car (The)." Old-Time, March (6/8 time). USA, Kentucky. The melody was played by fiddler Pat Kingery (1912-1976), born in Glasgow, Warren County, Kentucky, a remote region, and was also in the repertoire of Sammy Walker; it was recorded by Red Belcher (on Page Records, c. 1947). D.K. Wilgus and Jim Nelson state it was pretty a common fiddle tune in Warren, Metcalfe, and Monroe Counties in south-central Kentucky. The melody is cognate with the Confederate anthem "The Bonny Blue Flag," especially as played by Hoyt Ming (see Homestead 103, "New Hot Times"), and sounds similar to "Green Willis." Wilgus stated that "Bonny Blue Flag" was derived from an Irish song in 6/8 time called "The Jaunting Car," but many fail to see the connection. The original linking of "Jaunting Car" and "Bonnie Blue Flag" may have come from Sigmund Spaeth's History of Popular Music in America.

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