Annotation:Countess of Dufferin Polka

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X:1 T:Countess of Dufferin Polka C:Andy DeJarlis M:2/4 L:1/16 K:A "E7"[e2e2][ee][ee] [e2e2][e2e2]|[e4e4]c3d|:"A"eagf edcB|c2E2 c3c|"E7"d2B2 Bcde|"A"f2e2 "E7"e2cd| "A"eagf edcB|c2E2 c3c|"E7"d2B2 BAGB|1"A"A2c2 A2cd:|2"A"A2c2A4:| K:E |:"E"B2BB "A"c2c2|"E"BBB2 g3g|"B7"a2f2 (3fgf ef|"E"g2e2 "B7"efg2| "E"B2BB "A"c2c2|"E"BBB2 g3g|"B7"a2f2 fgaf|1"E"e2g2e4:|2"E"e2g2 e2"E7"cd|| K:A "A"eagf edcB|c2E2 c3c|"E7"d2B2 Bcde|"A"f2e2 e2"E7 "cd| "A "eagf edcB|c2E2 c3c|"E7"d2B2 BAGB|"A "A2c2A4|| K:D "A7"a6^g2|=g6^f2|e2d2 ^c2B2|A4d3e| |:"D"f2A2 d2F2|ABAF A2F2|"A7"GFEF GABc|"D"B2A2 A2"A7"de| "D"f2A2d2F2| ABAF A2F2|"A7"GFEF GABc|1"D"d2d2 d2de:|2"D"d2d2d4:|

COUNTESS OF DUFFERIN POLKA.Western Canada. AABBACC. Key of A (1st part), E (second part), D (3rd part). Composed by Andy DeJarlis. The Countess of Dufferin, built in 1872, wasthe first steam locomotive to operate in the Canadian prairie provinces. It was named after Hariot Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Countess of Dufferin, the wife of the Earl of Dufferin, a Governor General of Canada.

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Recorded sources : - London Records EBX 4185 - Andy DeJarlis and His Early Settlers "Travelling West" (1974). John Arcand "A Tribute to Andy DeJarlis" (2011).

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