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X:1 T:Cuban Two-Step S:Smith's Garage Fiddle Band (Dallas, Texas) M:C| L:1/8 R:Two-Step D:Vocalion 5287 (78 RPM), Smith's Garage Fiddle Band (1928) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:Bb ((3[Af]ga)|:[B2b2][Bb][Bb]- [Bb]agf|[B2b2][Bb][Bb]- [Bb]afg|[M:3/2]fb3 [D4d4]-[D4d4]-|[M:C|][D2d2] FF GABc| d2cd- dcAF|d2cd- dcAc|[M:3/2]{c}BABF- F4-F4-|[M:C|]F2 (3B/c/B/A Bcdf| [B2b2][Bb][Bb]- [Bb]agf|[B2b2][Bb][Bb]- [Bb]afg|[M:3/2]fb3 [D4d4]-[D4d4]-|[M:C|][D2d2] FF GABc| d2cd- dcAF|d2cd- dcAc|BcBA FEDC|1[M:3/2]B,6 [D2B2]- [DB]cdf:|2[M:C] B,6 || |:DE|FBGA B-ABc|AFAB c2 c-B|AFAB cdcA|BABc d2 [Dc]-[Dd]| [E2e2][E2e2] [D2d2][D2d2]|cBc2 G4|cBcd cA-Bc|dcB-A G4| FEFA B-cBc|AFAB c2cB|AFAB cdcA| B-ABc d2[Dc]-[Dd]| [E2e2][E2e2] [D2d2][D2d2]|[Ec][EB][E2c2] G4|F-EFA B-ABc|dB cA- B2:||

CUBAN TWO-STEP (RAG). American, Two-Step (cut time). B Flat Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB. The tune was recorded by the Dallas, Texas, based Smith's Garage Band in the 1920's, a group that also made one of the earliest recordings of "Beaumont Rag." Smith’s Garage Fiddle Band was a family group consisting of fiddler Samuel Morgan Peacock and his brothers John and Charlie. Sam Peacock also ran a ten-chair barbershop in Corsicana around the turn of the 20th century. John was still active and judging fiddle contests on Alvarado about 1948 or 1949. “Cuban Two-Step” was one of four sides recorded by the band in Dallas, Texas, for Vocalion Records on October 26th, 1928.

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Recorded sources: - Document Records DOCD-8038, Smith’s Garage Fiddle Band – “Texas Fiddle Bands vol. 1: 1925-1930” (1999. Various artists). Rounder 0361, Bruce Molsky - "Lost Boy" (1996). Vocalion 5287 (78 RPM), Smith's Garage Fiddle Band (1928).

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