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X: 1 T:Cuckoo Minuet [1]. SenH.072, The C:"Ed. Stanley" C:in Hand B (Humph. Senhouse) Q:3/8=40 M:3/8 L:1/8 B:Humphrey Senhouse MS, 1747, Cumberland Z:Village Music Project 2017 Anne Wride F: K:G BGd | eTd/>^c/d | BGd | eTd/>^c/d |efg | Tfe/f/d | fda | bTa/>g/a | fda | bTa/>g/a | fdz | fdz |fdz | fdz | agf | efg | fg/f/e/d/ | T^cB/c/A | ^cAe | fT(e/>d/)e |^cAe | fe/>d/e | f/a/gf | efg | fg/f/e/f/ | d3 :| |: afg | aTf/>e/d | be/g/f/e/| T^d>^cB |^dBf | gT(f/>e/)f | ^dBf | gT(f/>e/)f |bag | fga | ga/g/f/g/ | Te2f |gd/e/=f/g/ | Ted/e/c | ae/f/g/a/ | Tfe/f/d |dA/B/c/d/ | BA/B/G/B/ | ADTF | G3 :|

CUCKOO MINUET [1]. Scottish, English; Minuet (3/4 time). This "Cuckoo Minuet" appears in the Gillespie Manuscript of Perth (1768), Robert Bremner's Delightful Pocket Companion for the Flute (London, 1763), and David Rutherford's Art of Playing the Violin (London, 1755). "Cuckoo Minuet [1]" was entered into the 1747 music copybook (No. 72) of Cumbrian musician Humphrey Stenhouse. In "Micah Hawkin's Book of Notes", an American musician's copybook of 1794, the melody appears as "The Cuckow by Mr. Lampe." The same title appears in the commonplace book of George White (Cherry Valley, N.Y.), c. 1780-1830, which he called "The Scale of the Gamut for the Violin."

wikipedia:John_Frederick_Lampe (c. 1703-1751) was a musician and composer, born Johann Friedrich Lampe in Saxony, Germany. He came to England as a young man and initially played the bassoon in opera houses, however, he quickly rose to prominence[1] and in 1730 was hired by John Rich to be the composer for Covent Garden Theatre. Lampe championed (and composed) operas in English at a time when the vogue was for Italian opera. He later was based in Dublin and then Edinburgh, and is buried in is buried in Canongate Kirkyard on the Royal Mile.

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  1. During his opera-house stint, in 1727, he played at the coronation of King George II.