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X:1 T:Cumberland Gap [3] S:Tommy Jarrell (1901-1985, Mt. Airy, North Carolina) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:County Records 713, Jarrell, Cockerham, Jenkins - Down to the Cider Mill (1968) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D A,2[B,2D2]+slide+[D2D2][D2D2]|(F2[F2A2]) {d}BABc|dBAG FEDE|[A,D][B,D][D2D2][D2D2][D2D2]| A,2[B,2D2]+slide+[D2D2][D2D2]|(F2[F2A2]) {d}BABc|dBAG FEDE|[A,D][B,D][D2D2][D3D3]|| (e|f)efe d2BA|{A}B3c BAd([de]|[df])efe dcBA|{A}B3c BABc| dBAF FEDE|[CD]-[D2D2][DD] [D3D3](e|f)efe dABA|{A}B3c BAd([de]| [df])efe dcBA|{A}B3c BABc|dBAF FEDE|[CD]-[DD][DD][DD} [D2D2][D2D2]||

CUMBERLAND GAP [3]. American, Reel (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB: AAAABBCC (Songer). The tune is sourced to Mt. Airy, North Carolina, fiddler Tommy Jarrell (1901-1985). Similar to "Cumberland Gap (2)" albeit in two strains, not three.

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Printed sources : - Susan Songer with Clyde Curley (Portland Collection vol. 3), 2015; p. 58.

Recorded sources : - County Records 713, Jarrell, Cockerham & Jenkins - "Down to the Cider Mill" (1968).

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