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X: 9 T:Cut Knife Hill M:C| L:1/8 C:© John Arcand S:chords: John Arcand, Vicki Arcand, Trent Bruner Z:Originally set by Trent Bruner. Set in abc's 10/22/2005 PLK K:G gf|"G"efed B2 (3cBA|"Em"GABG E2 gf|"G"efed Bdeg|"Em"b3 b b2 gf| "G" efed B2 (3cBA|"Em"GABG "Am"A3 c|BGAG "Bm"EDB,D|"Em"E2 (3FED E2  :|] |:(3DEF|"G"G3 A BGAG|"Em"E2 (3FED E2 (3DEF|"G"G3 A BGBd|"Em"efed e2 gf | "G"efed B2 (3cBA|"Em"GABG "Am"A3 c|BGAG "Bm"EDB,D|"Em"E2 (3FED E2  :|]


CUT KNIFE HILL. Canadian, Reel. E Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). "Cut Knife Hill" was composed by Métis fidler John Arcand, born in 1942 near the Debden-Big River region of northwestern Saskatchewan. The title references a battle near what is now Battleford, Saskatchewan, during the North-West Rebellion of 1885, in which a band of Cree were attacked by surprise by the Canadian military.

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