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X: 1 T:D. Morrison's Seven Thistles C:J. Scott Skinner S: Banchory SRS R:March L:1/16 M:4/4 K:A F2 | "A"E3D C2E2 (A,2E2)(C2E2) |"A" E2A2 cBAF E2C2C2E2 |"Bm"{G}F3E D2F2 (B,2F2)(D2F2) |"Bm" F2c2 dcBA "E7"G2E2E2F2 | "A"E3D C2E2 (A,2E2)(C2E2) |"A" E2A2 cBAF E2C2"A7"C2E2 |"D"F2GA D2EF E2A2c2e2 | "Bm"dcBA "E7"G2e2 "A"c2A2A2 |] (cB) | "A"A<Ae2 c2e2 A2e2c2e2 |"A" (ag)fe (^de)cA e2c2 "F#m"c2=dc |"Bm"B<Bf2 d2f2 B2f2d2f2 |"Bm" (Bc)dc "B7"(Bc)BA "E7" G2E2 E2(FG) | "A"A<Ae2 c<ce2 A2e2c2e2 |"A" (ag)fe "B7"(^de)cA "E"e2c2 c2(=dc) |"Bm"Bcde fBbd "A"ABcd eAac |"Bm"(dc)BA "E7"(GA)Be "A"c2A2A2 |]

D. MORRISON'S SEVEN THISTLES. Scottish, March (4/4 time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). Composed by the great Scottish violinist/fiddler wikipedia:James_Scott_Skinner (1843-1927). Skinner was born in Banchory and made a career as a dancing master, composer and performer both throughout Britain in in American tours. He composed some 600 tunes and is especially noted for his strathspey compositions and playing (in a rather classical style), earning the sobriquet "The Strathspey King." He was also a keen gardener in his spare time, and was impressed by his gardener friend Dee Morrison's magnificent thistle display. Skinner remarked that he would compose a tune in honor of the display and call it "Dee Morrison's Seven Thistles." Sometimes 'D.' in the title is given as 'Dr.' but this is erroneous.

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Recorded sources : - Olympic 6151, The Scottish Fiddle Festival Orchestra - "Scottish Traditional Fiddle Music" (1978).

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