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X:1 T:Dad's Reel L:1/8 M:4/4 K:A (3e/f/g/|a3 A c2 e2 | Bcde (3f/g/f/ ef/g/ | a3 A c2 e2 | fege aefg | a3 A c2 e2 | Bcde fefg | aege (3f/g/f/ ec| dfec A2:| |: ed | cAEA cc[ce][ce] | Bcde (3f/g/f/ ed |cAEA cece | fege a2 ed | cAEA cece | Bcde (3f/g/f/ eg|aege (3f/g/f/ ec |dfec A2:| |:z A | cAEA cAAA | cAEA cAAA| Bcdf (3f/g/f/ ec|A6 A2 |cAEA cAAA | cAEA cAAA | Bcde (3f/g/f/ eg| aege (3f/g/f/ ec|dfec A2:| |:EA | AAcA AAGA | BcdB B2 EB| GBEB GBEB|EB A2 A2 EA| AAcA AAGA | Bcde fgae| gf (3f/g/f/ ecdf|ec A4:||

DAD'S REEL. AKA and see "Reel des éboulements." AKA and see "Avalanche Reel, "Presto (2)." French-Canadian, Reel. A Major. A version of “Reel des Éboulement”, from French-Canadian fiddler Louis Beaudoin (Burlington, Vt.), with an added third part.

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Recorded sources : - Philo 2000, Louis Beaudoin - "Louis Beaudoin" (1973).

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