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X: 1 T:Dancing Dustman, The C:Joe Buchanan's Scottish Tome - Page 420.0 I:420 0 C:Felix Burns R:Two-step Z:Carl Allison L:1/8 M:4/4 K:Gmaj P:A "G"bgd B2 ^c | edB G2 B | "Am"A^GA c2 A | E6 | "D7"FAc f2 e| d2 c "D7"A2 F | "A"B^AB "G"e2 B | G6 | "G"bgd B2 ^c | edB G2 B | "Am"A^GA c2 A | E6 | "D7"FAc f2 e| d2 c "D7"A2 F | E=F^F B2 A | "G"G3 [Bdg]3 :|[K:Cmaj] P:B "C"[ceg] c cde | d2 c g3 | "Dm"[dfa]2 d def | e2 "Dm"d a3 | "G7"[fa]2 f fga | "G7"[fb]2 [fb] [fb]3 | "C"[cea]2 c cde | [ea]2 [ea] [ea]3 | [ceg]2 c cde | d2 c g3 | "Dm"[dfa]2 d def | "Dm"e2 d a3 | "G7"[Bfb]2 f fga | [fb]2 [fb] [fb]3 | bag fed | c3 [cegc']3 :|[K:Cmaj]

DANCING DUSTMAN, THE. Scottish, Two-Step (6/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'AA'("Trio")CCAA'. Martin presents the tune as a vehicle for the dances the Military two-step and the Boston two-step at Scottish ceilidh dances. Composed by Perth-born muliti-instrumentalist and dance band leader Felix Burns [1] (1864-1920). A two-step was an American import popular in the early 20th century, and was a predecessor of the fox-trot.

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Printed sources : - Martin (Traditional Scottish Fiddling), 2002; p. 47.

Recorded sources : - Wild Goose WGS434CD, The Old Swan Band - "Fortyfived" (2019)

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