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X: 1 % T: Dandy Dancer, 5h3 C: Jim Johnstone R: jig N: Suggested tune for Red Nose Jig B: RSCDS "A Second Book of Graded Scottish Country Dances" (Graded 2) p.21 Z: 2011 John Chambers <> M: 6/8 L: 1/8 K: A e/d/ |:\ "A"c2A "E/A"AGA | "C#/A"EAA "A"cBA | "Bm"dBB "D/Bm"fBB | "E"gfe "G#/E7"dcB | "A"c2A "E/A"AGA | "C#/A"EAA "F#m"cBA | "Bm"dcB "E7"gfg |1 "A"a3 "A"a2"E7"e/d/ :|2 "A"a3 "A"a2"E7"e || |: "A"aec "E/A"Ace | "F#m"agf "C#/F#m"edc | "Bm"dBB "D/Bm"fBB | "E"gfe "G#/E7"dcB | "A"aec "E/A"Ace | "F#m"agf "C#/F#m"edc | "Bm"dcB "E7"gfg |1 "A"a3 "A"a2"E7"e :|2 "A"a3 "A"a2"E7"e/d/ || "A"c2A "E/A"AGA | "C#/A"EAA "A"cBA | "Bm"dBB "D/Bm"fBB | "E"gfe "G#/E7"dcB | "A"c2A "E/A"AGA | "C#/A"EAA "F#m"cBA | "Bm"dcB "E7"gfg | "A"a3 a2 |]

DANDY DANCER, THE. Scottish, Jig (6/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Kirkpatrick): AABB'C.

Dixie Ingram

Composed by East Lothian accordionist and bandleader Jim Johnstone (1937-2008) for Dixy Ingram, famous as the principal dancer on Andy Stewart's show "The White Heather Club" and later toured with him. He married one of his first ever dance partners who happened to be Stewart's wife's sister. Ingram was twice winner of the Scottish Highland Dancing Championship, before turning professional.

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Printed sources : - Kirkpatrick (John Kirkpatrick's English Choice), 2003; p. 21.

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