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When Queen Victoria was born in 1818, her father, the Duke of Kent-he who gave his name to the 'Kenthorn', the keyed bugle-was Colonel of the Royal Regiment. In 1889, the band of the 2nd Battalion Royal Scots played 'The Daughter of the Regiment' as a compliment to Queen Victoria when she took the salute at a review in Aldershot. It is now played by the military band as the march past when Royalty is present. The tune comes from Donizetti's opera of the same name and is the melody of a song sung by the heroine to the soldiers, 'Quel Regiment!'-'What a Regiment!'-and very apt it is too when applied to the 1st of Foot, the glorious old Royal Scots." (David Murray, Music of the Scottish Regiments, Edinburgh, 1994; p. 178).

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