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X:1 T:Deacon Jones C:Daniel Huggins Williams M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Rag/Reel D:Brunswick 298 (78 RPM), East Texas Serenaders (1929) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C ea2g ecA2|eea3g a2|aged d2(fg|a)ged d2+slide+g2-| ggaz g2a2|ga2g- ge d2|([ce][de][e2e2]) eged|c2 c2B2_B2| ea2g ecA2|eea3g a2|aged d2(fg|a)ged d2+slide+g2-| ggaz bga2|gage- ec d2|c([ce][de][ee]- [ee])ged|.c2.e2^.d2.e2|| O(aga2) (e^de2)|(aga2) (e^de2)|agea- ageg|a4- ageg| d2Ad- dded|[d2f2]([de][df]- [d2f2])g3g|a2ga- aga2|a6b2-| b2a2b2g2|a2b4g2|a2g2a2b2-|b2a2g2a2g/a/b| c'6a2|g2e2d2c2|-c2B2c2A2-|A2G2E2(G2|| A)GA2 EDEG|AG A2 EDEG|A2A4A2|A4A2(3A,B,C| D2 D4(3DEG|[F2A2][F3A3]FG2|A2 A3G F2|A6cd| [e6e6][ee]|[d4e4]-[de]c[d2e2]|[c4e4]-[ce]B A2|G4-G[de]-[e2e2]| A2G2A2_B2|=B2G2Be-e2|c6.c2|.c2 .e2^.d2.e2"D.C."O||

DEACON JONES. American, Reel (cut time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCDB. A ragtime-based reel, rapidly played by fiddler Daniel Huggins Williams with the East Texas Serenaders, who also included Cloet Hamman on guitar, Henry Bogan on cello and banjo player John Munnerlyn. The tune was recorded at a session in Dallas, Texas, in October, 1928, and released by Brunswick the next year. The group all had day jobs near Mineola, Tyler and Lindale, Texas; fiddler Williams was variously a printer, a florist, and an undertaker.

The East Texas Serenaders

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Recorded sources : - Brunswick 298 (78 RPM), East Texas Serenaders (1929). County 412, "East Texas Serenaders" (1977). County CD 3525, "Old Time Texas String Bands, vol. 2."

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