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DELIGHT OF PRINCE OWEN KYVILIOG (Gorhoffedd Owain Cyfeiliog). Welsh, Air (whole time) or March. G Major/Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. James Hogg, The Ettrick Shepherd, wrote a song to the Welsh air "Delight of Prince Owen Kyveiliog" called "Prince Owen and the Seer", first published in the Scots Magazine (vol. 69, September, 1807, p. 688) as "The Delight of Prince Owen Cyveiliog—a Song." Prince Owen ruled Powys in central Wales from about 1160 to 1197, and successfully resisted English hegemony under Henry II. Owen is also renowned as a poet, although some works that have been attributed to him have since been attributed to a court-poet.

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Printed sources: Jones (The Bardic Museum), 1802; p. 61.

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