Denis Don't be Threatening

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X:1 T:Denis don't be Threatening M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:"Allegro" B:Bunting - General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland (1796, No. 20) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:F f|(edc) (cdc)|{f}(e2c) .c2.e|f2f (gab)|(a2f) .f2z| (aba) a2f|gag g2f|(edc) (def)|g2f f2:|

DENIS, DON'T BE THREATENING (Na bi ag gagar a doncad). AKA and see "A dhonnchadh na bi fogarthach," "Fairies' Dwelling (The)," "Dennis Don't be Flattering," "Nay Tell Me Not." Irish, Air (6/8 time) or Jig. D Major (O'Neill): B Flat Major (Kerr): C Major (Haverty, O'Flannagan). Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (O'Neill): AABB (Kerr): ABC (Haverty): AABBCAA (O'Flanagan). The melody, which is related to the jig "Is It the Priest You Want?," appears under the "Dennis..." title in the Irish collector Edward Bunting's 1796 General Collection of the Ancient Irish Music, vol. 1 (No. 20, p. 11) and 1809 (p. 41) collection. John Mullholland included it in his collection Ancient Irish Airs [1], published in Belfast in 1810, under the title "Dennis Don't be Flattering". According to Alfred Moffat (Irish Minstrelsy), "Denis, Don't be Threatening" is the progenitor of "Dandy O (The)". A version of the melody was used by Shield for a song in his Poor Soldier (1783), beginning: "Out of my sight, or I'll box your ears."

Additional notes

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