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X:1 T:Don't Drink Nothin' but Corn S:Taylor & Stella Kimble M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel N:ADae tuning (fiddle) D:Marimac CS 9036, Carroll County Pioneers F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D fg|abag fed2|{e}f3g f2d2|fefg edBc|dBAG FEDE| FABc BABc|d4 d3E|FFAc BFEF|D3E D2DE| FGA2 B/A/GF2 |B3c BABA|FGA/B/ c/B/A/G/ F2|D3E D2| AB|d2d3=c Bc|d6 ||

DON'T DRINK NUTHIN' BUT CORN. AKA and see "Muskrat" (?). American, Reel (cut time). USA, southwestern Va. D Major. ADae tuning (fiddle). One part. "Don't Drink Nothing but Corn" is a fiddle and banjo tune and title characteristic of Patrick County, Va. (Tom Carter & Blanton Owen, 1976). The verses below contain many floating verses, particularly borrowed from the song/tune "Rye Whiskey":

Come whiskey, come whiskey,
Come whiskey of old;
You robbed my poor pockets
Of silver and gold.

I don't drink nothin' but corn. ... (x3)

Sometimes I have one drink,
Sometime I have two;
When I drink corn whiskey,
No tellin' what I'll do.

There's cornbread when I'm hungry,
Corn whiskey when I'm dry;
My pipe is made from corn cob,
On corn shucks do I lie.

My mama told me something,
My daddy told me more;
If I drank corn whiskey
' There'd be trouble at my door.

Corn whisky, corn whiskey,
Corn whiskey I cry;
If I don't get corn whiskey,
I surely will die.

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Recorded sources: - Marimac CS 9036, The Kimble Family - "Carroll County Pioneers" (1992). John Hoffmann & Mac Benford - "Its About Time" (2007). Thrill Jockey Records THRILL249LP, The Black Twig Pickers - "Ironto Special" (2010).

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