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X:1 T:Rasus Cas-Gwent T:Chepstow Races M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:130 S:Cadw Twmpath Collection R:Jig A:Wales K:G gBc dGA|BDF GBd|gBc dBA|B^ce def| gBc dGA|BDF GBd|efg afd|aef g3:|| |:fdA FAd|e^cA GAc|dfa afd|egf e2A| fdA FAd|e^cA GAc|dfa afd|1 gba "Fine"g3:||2 gB^c def||

DONCASTER RACES [1]. AKA - "Chepstow Races," "Rasus Cas-Gwent." English, Jig (6/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The melody appears to have originally been Welsh in origin, and can be found as "Rasus Cas-Gwent" in Llywelyn Alaw's (Thomas D. Llywelyn of Aberdare) 1858 manuscript collection. See also the Cadw Twmpath Collection. At some point it acquired the English title which honors the races at Doncaster in South Yorkshire, home of the St. Leger stakes.

Doncaster Races, Horses Starting for the St. Leger, 1831, James Pollard

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Printed sources : - Callaghan (Hardcore English), 2007; p. 57. South Riding Tunebook 1, 1996.

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