Annotation:Douglas MacFarlane's Victory

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X:1 T:Douglas MacFarlane’s Victory M:C L:1/8 R:Pipe Reel C:Pipe Major A. MacDonald B:Gordon F. MacQuarrie – The Cape Breton Collection of Scottish Music (1940, p. 16) K:Amix F|OBcde fB Tc2|Bafe fBBc|ABcd eATB2|dfed cAAc| Bcde fB Tc2|Bafe fBBc|d2 fe c2 ec|BcdB cAAc|| Bcde fB Ta2|fafe fBBc |d2 fd ad Tf2|efed cAAc| d2 fdad fd|fafe fBBc|defd cdec|BcdB cAAc|| BABc Bcde|fB ae fBBc|AAAB ABcd|eAed cAAc| BABc Bcde|fB ae fBBc|d2 fe c2 ec|BcdB cAAc|| d2 fd ad fd|fafe fBBc|Td2 fd ad Tf2|efed cAAc| d2 fd ad fd|fafe fBBc|defd cdec|BcdB cAAcO||

DOUGLAS MACFARLANE'S VICTORY. Canadian, Reel. B Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDD. Composed by Pipe Major Alexander S. (Piper Alex) MacDonald (1892-1966), originally from Cape Breton who later moved to Ontario. MacDonald played the fiddle as well as the pipes, according to Paul Stewart Cranford (1995), and some of his compositions were included in MacQuarrie's 1940 Cape Breton Collection. The tune has erroneously been called "The Missing Reel."

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Printed sources : - Cranford (Jerry Holland's Collection), 1995; No. 63, p. 19. MacQuarrie (The Cape Breton Collection of Scottish Melodies), 1940; p. 16.

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