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X:1 T:Down Home Waltz [2] N:From the playing of fiddler Art Galbraith (1909-1993, Springfield, Mo., though N:originally from Greene County, Mo., Ozarks region). N:This waltz has a first strain very similar to "Kiss Waltz [1]," also played N:by Galbraith. M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Moderately Quick" D: D:Rounder 0133, Art Galbraith - "Dixie Blossoms" (1981) Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D D(E-|[F4A4])-[FA]G|F2E2[D2A2]|[G6B6]|[G4B4]FG|[A4A4][A2A2]| +slide+c2 B2c2|[F4d4][Fd][Fe]|[F4d4]D(E|[F4A4])- [FA]G|[F2A2]E2-D2| [G4B4]-[G2B2]|[G4B4]FG|[A4A4][A2A2]|+slide+c2 B2c2|[F4d4][Fd][Fe]|[F4d4]|| D2|a6|f4 fe|d6|B4 B2-|A2c2-e2| a2e2a2|f4 fg|f4 [df]g|a4 a2|f4 fe|d6| B4B2-|A2c2ef|g2f2e2|d4 de|d4||

DOWN HOME WALTZ [2]. American, Waltz (3/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The first strain of "Down Home Waltz [2]" is very similar to "Kiss Waltz (1)" AKA - "Kiss Me Waltz," which was also in Art Galbraith's repertoire.

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Rounder 0133, Art Galbraith - "Dixie Blossoms" (1981).

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