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X:1 T:Down in Little Egypt N:From the playing of Chirps Smith, who learned it from N:Noah Beavers (1897-1990, Elkville, southern Illinois). N:Beavers, a farmer and coalminer, played for square dances N:since the age of twelve, and led his own square dance band for many years. M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel or Two-step Q:"Fast" D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C AB|c2A2G2 AB|c2A2G2AB|c2B2c2d2|B2A2G2Bc| d2B2G2Bc|d2B2G2(3DEF|G2B2A2B2|1[E4c4][E2c2]:|2 [E4c4]|| G2c2|+slide+[e4e4][e4e4]-|[M:3/2][ee]e-a2g2e2 d2 c2|[M:C|]+slide+[A3A3]G F4-|F2d4c2| A-B3[B4g4]-|[B2g2][d4g4][^d2g2]|[e4e4][e4e4]-|[e2e2]G3Ac2| +slide+[e4e4][e4e4]-|[M:3/2][ee]e-a2g2e2 d2 c2|[M:C|]+slide+[A3A3]G F4-|F2d4c2| A-B3[B4g4]-|[B2g2][e4e4]d2|[E4c4][E3c3][_EB]-|[=E2c2]A2G2 ||

DOWN IN LITTLE EGYPT. American, Reel (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The tune was in the repertory of fiddler<tspan x="0" dy="1.2em">Noah Beavers (1897-1990), of Elkville, southern Illinois, collected by fiddler Lynn "Chirps" Smith. Beavers had no name for the tune, but Smith christened it "Down in Little Egypt" after the old nickname for southern Illinois, Little Egypt. </tspan>

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Recorded sources : - Vigortone Recordings, Lynn "Chirps" Smith - "Down in Little Egypt" (2016).

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