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DOWNFALL OF RICHMOND. Old-Time, Breakdown. In the repertoire of West Virginia fiddler Ernie Carpenter (1907-1997), of Braxton County, W.V. It is not the same tune as "Falls of Richmond", popularized by the regional fiddling Hammons family, although the high strain is similar. The tune is from a tape of Carpenter originally recorded by Gail Gillespie, and his playing was somewhat fragmentary, although he did play it one time through. It is uncertain whether this melody was meant to be a cohesive whole, or pieces of tunes Carpenter remembered, but it does work as a composition. Kerry Blech notes that the low strain is similar to "Fine Times at Our House (1)."

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Recorded sources: Voyager VRCD-354, Hart & Blech - "Build Me a Boat."

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