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X:1 T:Dry Gin Rag S:Willie Narmour (1889-1961) and Shellie Smith (1895-1968) (Carroll County, Mississippi) M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Rag Q:"Moderately quick" D:OKeh 45390 (78 RPM), Narmour & Smith (1930) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C g>g g>g-||agec GABc |d2 A>B A2[A2e2] |fgfd B2 fd|A2 G/G/G G2g2| agec GABc |d2 A>B A2[A2e2] |fgfd BGAB|[E3c4]c [E2c2]|| G2|E4 F2G-F|EGcd edcA|E4 F2(GF)|EGce g4| g4 g2(e<g)|agec G2F2|E4 F2G-F|EGcd edcA| G2 Ac BGAB-|cB d2 [E2c2] g2-||

DRY GIN RAG. American, Country Rag (cut time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). From the playing of biography:Willie Narmour and Sherril Smith of Carroll County, Mississippi. Narmour and Smith recorded the tune twice: first for Okeh Records in New York in Sept., 1929 (released in 1930), and again with their second record company, Victor, in 1934 (released on Victor's subsidiary Bluebird label).

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Recorded sources: - Bluebird 5669 (78 RPM), Narmour & Smith (1934). County Records, Rafe Stefanini - "Ladies Fancy" (2015). Document Records DOCD 8066, "Narmour & Smith Vol.2 Complete Recorded Works (1930-1934)" (1998). OKeh Records 45390 (78 RPM), Narmour & Smith (1930).

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