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DUKE OF YORK'S COTILLION. English, Country Dance Tune and March (6/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC. "The Duke of York's Cotillion" appears in several published volumes and musicians' manuscript collections, beginning with George Willis' Compleat Tutor for the German Flute (published by Cahusac, London, 1792, p. 27), later appearing in Cahusac's Compleat Tutor for the German Flute (London, 1798). The firm of Button and Whitaker included it in Pocket Collection of Favourite Marches, vol 1 (London, 1806) as a march tune. In America, "The Duke of York's Cotillion" was entered into the manuscript copybooks of musicians Thomas Cushing (compiled c. 1805-1813) and Eben Irving (begun in the late 1790's, Middletown, N.Y.), and it appears as an untitled quick step in the Woburn Fife Manuscript (1807-c. 1840). The latter is a manuscript collection inscribed with the the name Seth Johnson and "Woburn. April 20th day, 1807. I Bought this Book, 5:3." Entries were made between 1807 and as late as 1840.

Source for notated version: a MS collection by fiddler Lawrence Leadley, 1827-1897 (Helperby, Yorkshire) [Merryweather & Seattle].

Printed sources: Merryweather & Seattle (The Fiddler of Helperby), 1994; No. 111, p. 61.

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