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EEF GOT A COON. AKA - "Uncle Eef Got a Coon." Old-Timey, Breakdown and Song. The tune is sourced to banjo player Wade Ward (1892–1971), of Independence, southwestern Virginia, who was recorded playing it by John Cohen in July, 1961. Ward recited this verse to the tune:

The ugliest man I ever saw
Came down the road from Arkansas
His eyes were red and his cheeks were blue
And he's got a wild turkey in his coat tail too.
"Uncle Eef got a coon, done gone gone eone gone
Uncle Eef got a coon, done gone gone gone
And left me lookin' up a tree".

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Recorded sources: Rounder 0241, The Chicken Chokers - "Shoot Your Radio" (1987. Tune learned from Wade Ward).

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