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X:1 T:Engine on a Mogull L:1/8 M:2/4 B:Kuntz - Ragged but Right K:A E[AA] [Ac]>[Ac]|[AB] [A3c3]|(E/A/)A/[A/B/] [Ac]>[Ac]|[AB] [A3A3]|E[AA] [Ac]>[Ac]|[AB] [A2c2] (f|f/)a/f/e/ c>c|B A3| E[AA] [Ac]>[Ac]|[AB] [A3c3]|E/A/A/[A/B/] [Ac]>[Ac]|[AB] A3|EA [Ac]>[Ac]|[AB][A2c2](f| f/)a/f/e/ c>c|BA3|| |:aa a>f|e c3|b2 b>a|g e2(e|a)a a>f|e c2 e|afae c>c|B A3:||

ENGINE ON A MOGULL. AKA - "Engineer on the Mogull" (John Carson's original title). AKA and see (related to) "Shoot that Turkey Buzzard," "Davy Dugger," "Greasy String (1)," "Old Coon Dog (1)," "Higher Up the Monkey Goes." American, Reel. USA, north Ga. A Major. Standard, AEae tunings (fiddle). AABB. The tune has a variety of titles, along with regional variants in melody and articulation. Some have speculated that the title refers to a engine on a small hill, as in the 'moguls' in modern-day mogul skiing. However the title actually refers to a type of locomotive used for hauling heavy trains, and in this context Carson's title "Engineer on the Mogull" makes considerably more sense. The train name probably derived from the sense of 'Mogul' as a ruling class on the Indian subcontinent. Carson sang on the recording:

Engineer on the Mogull, dancing down the river,
Can't you change a dollar and give the fiddler a quarter?

Can't you change a dollar, give the fiddler a quarter,
Dancing on the Mogull.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Jay Ungar (New York) [Kuntz].

Printed sources : - Kuntz (Ragged but Right), 1987; p. 321.

Recorded sources : - Philo 1040, Jay and Lyn Ungar- "Catskill Mountain Goose Chase" (1977). OKeh 45176 (78 RPM), John Carson (North Ga.) {1927}. Rounder 1003, Fiddlin' John Carson- "The Old Hen Cackled and the Rooster's Going to Crow" (1973).

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