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EPHEMERAL EMPEROR, THE. English, Reel. A Major. Standard tuning. AABBCC. Something 'ephemeral' lasts only briefly, and, when used as an adjective for a ruler (emporer) indicates a short, brief reign. Given the date of publication of Cahusac's volume, it is perhaps a hopeful reference to Napoleon Bonatparte, Emporer of France from 1804-1814 (when he was exiled to Elba). The London firm of Cahusac, instrument makers and music sellers on the Strand, was begun in the mid-18th century by Thomas Cahusac, who died in 1798. The business was continued in partnership by his sons, W.M. and Thomas, for a few years, then each son established his own business. They primarily made flutes, violins, and other small instruments, and sold a variety of sheet music and pocket volumes.

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Printed sources: Cahusac (Annual Collection of Twenty Four Favorite Country Dances for 1809), 1809; No. 12.

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