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X:1 T:Fall of Fyers [2], The M:C L:1/16 R:Strathspey C:"By G: Grant" B:John Gow – A Favorite Collection of Slow Airs, B:Strathspeys and Reels (London, c. 1804, p. 14) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Cmin G2|EC3 G3C G,2C2E2G2|FB,3 GFED FB,3 TF3D|{F}E2DC G3C G,3CE3G|F2ATG2F2 TE2C2C2G2| {F}E2DC G3C G,2C2E2G2|F2B2 f2d2 B2de f2d2|{a}g2fe {g}f2ed e2G2A2F2|G2c2f2d2 e2c2c2|| g2|ec3g3c a3cg2c2|{e}d2cB f2B2 F2B2 D2B,2|g3eTd2c2 a3fe2d2|G3FTE3D E2C2C2g2| {f}e2dc g2c2 G2c2E2C2|DB3 FB3 B,B3 DB,3|C2E2D2F2 G2g2f2d2|ec3fd3 e2c2c2||

FALL OF FYERS [2], THE. Scottish, Strathspey (whole time). C Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The composition is attributed to G. Grant in John and Andrew Gow's A Collection of Slow Airs, Strathspeys and Reels (London, c. 1795). Andrew (1760-1803) and younger brother John (1764-1826) established a publishing business in London in 1788 and were the English distributors for the Gow family musical publications. Poet Robert Burns (1759-1796) wrote a poem at the Fall of Fyers, Loch Ness, called by some the 'most beautiful cascade in Scotland' (see note for "Fall of Fyers (1).")

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Printed sources : - John Gow (A Favorite Collection of Slow Airs, Strathspeys and Reels), London, c. 1804; p. 14. S. Johnson (A Twenty Year Anniversary Collection), 2003; p. 26.

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