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X:1 T:Farmer's Daughter [1], The M:4/4 L:1/8 C:Scottish Traditional R:Reel K:D B|d2 de f2 ef|dedB d/d/d AB|d2 de f2 ea|cAeA cAAB| d2 de f2 ef|dedB d/d/d dg|fgag f2 ef|A/A/A eA cAA:| c|d2 f2 B/B/B fB|cBfB cBBc|d2 eA A/A/A eA|cAeA cAAc| d2 f2 B/B/B fB|cBfB cBBc|d2 ag f2 ef|A/A/A eA cAA:||

FARMER'S DAUGHTER [1]. AKA and see "Aberarder Rant." Scottish, Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. Paul Cranford (1997) states the "Farmer's Daughter" title seems to be a 20th century appellation first used in The Seaforth Highlanders (1936).

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Winston Fitzgerald (1914-1987, Cape Breton) [Cranford].

Printed sources : - Cranford (Winston Fitzgerald), 1997; No. 62, p. 27. Miller & Perron (101 Polkas), 1978; No. 36.

Recorded sources : - Temple TP021, Battlefield Band - "On the Rise" (1986) and Green Linnett GLCD 1146, The Tannahill Weavers - "Capernaum" (1994). Green Linnet GLCD 1182, The Tannahill Weavers - "Choice Cuts" (1997). Breton Books and Records BOC 1HO, Wintson "Scotty" Fitzgerald - "Classic Cuts" (reissue of Celtic Records CX 59). Rodeo RO-113 (78 RPM), Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald.

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