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X:1 T:Farmer’s Wish, The M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Slow" B:Oswald – Caledonian Pocket Companion, Book 12 (c. 1760) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D f>ed2A2|(G2F2)E2|(D2g2)f2|Te>d e2 z2|(fd)(ec)(dB)| (^G2B2)d2|(c/B/)A c2 TB2|A4::(A2e2)g2|(A2d2)f2|(A2g2)f2| (f2e2)A2|(G2F2)=c2|(B2^c2)d2|gf/e/ d2 Tc2|d6:| |:(fa) (df) (Ad)|G2 (3FBA (3GE|D2 (3FAd (3Bgf|Te>d e2z2| (3fdf (3ece (3dBA|^G2 (A/B/c/d/ e/f/^g/a/)|{g}fe/d/ c2TB2|A6:| |:A2 (3afa g2|A2 (3geg f2|A2 (3Bcd (3efg|Tf2e2A2| (G2F2) (D/F/A/=c/)|(B>^c/2d/4) (c>d/2e/4) (d>e/2f/4)|{a}g(f/e/) {de} Te3 (d/e/)|d6:|]

FARMER'S WISH, THE. Scottish, Air (3/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC. The song was printed in The Vocal Miscellany (1745, p. 35), Calliope, or English Harmony, vol. 1 (1746, p. 123), The Aviary: Or, Magazine of British Melody (1745, p. 556), The Muses Delight (1756, p. 171, set by wikipedia:Henry_Carey_(writer)) and other 18th century songsters. The words begin:

Near some cool Stream
O let me keep My Liberty and feed my Sheep;
A shady walk well lin’d with Trees,
A Garden with a range of Bees;
An Orchard that good Apples bears,
Where Spring a long green Mantle wears.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Oswald (Caledonian Pocket Companion, Book 12), c. 1760; p. 17.

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