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X:392 T:Fiddler's Polka C:Andy de Jarlis M:2/4 L:1/8 K:D f3/g/|:"D"af/a/ "A7"g/f/e/g/|"D"fd d/A/d/f/|"A7"ec A/c/e/g/|"D"fa af/g/| "D"af/a/ "A7"g/f/e/g/|"D"fd d/A/d/f/|"A7"ec A/c/e/g/|"D"fd" Fine"d2:| K:A |:"A"e2e3/2d/|c/e/e e2|"E7"E/F/^G/A/ B/c/d/B/|"A"A/B/c/d/ ec| "A"e2e>d|c/e/e e2|"E7"E/F/^G/A/ B/c/d/B/|"A"Ac A2:| K:D "D"af/a/ "A7"g/f/e/g/|"D"fd d/A/d/f/|"A7"ec A/c/e/g/|"D"fa af/g/| "D"af/a/ "A7"g/f/e/g/|"D"fd d/A/d/f/|"A7"ec A/c/e/g/|"D"fdd2|| K:G "D7"d3^c|=c3B|AG FE|D2B3/c/|:"G"dg gf/g/|"Am"ae e3/g "D"f/g/f/e/ f/e/d/e/|"G"fd dB/c/|dg gf/g/|"Am"ae e3/g| "D"f/g/f/e/ d/c/B/A/|1"G"GG/G/ GB/c/:|2"G"GG/G/ G2||"A"AA/A/ AA|"D.C. al Fine"A2|]

FIDDLER'S POLKA. Canadian (Western Canada). Polka (2/4 time). D major. AABBACCA. Written by Andy DeJarlis.

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Recorded sources : - London Records EB 28, Andy DeJarlis and His Early Settlers "Red River Echoes Vol. 2" (1960's).

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