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X:1 T: Fiddler's Waltz C: Benny Martin N:As played by Howdy Forrester Z:Roscoe White; edited and abc's by V. T. Williams M:3/4 K:G [DG,]2[B,G]2[B,G]2|[DG,]2[B,G]2[B,G]2|G,B, DG BG|e2d2Bd|D2F3A| c2(3BcB A>F|D2F3A|e2d2Bd|[DG,]2[B,G]2[B,G]2|[DG,]2[B,G]2[B,G]2| G,B, DG BG|e2d2Bd|D2F3A|c2B/c/B/A/ FA|G6-|G4z2:| G,B, DG Bd|g4(3fgf|e2b4-|b6|G,B, DG Bd|g4(3fgf|e2d4|B4FA| G2B2d2|g4(3fgf|e2b4-|b6|b2e'4|e'2d'4|d'2e2f2|g3f ga|g4|| Bc|d2G2GA|B2D2B,C|DG B,D G,B,|[GB,]4FG|F2A,3B,|C4B,C|D2G,2A,2|B,4Bc| d2G2GA|B2D2B,C|DG B,D G,B,|[GB,]4FG|F2A,3B,|C2B,2(3A,B,A,|G,6-|G,2z2|| Bc|d^c ed cd|=cB AF GF|GD B,D G,B,|DG Bd ^cd|ed ^cd =cB| AG FG AB|cd ^cd BG|DG B,D G,B,|DG Bc d^c|ed ^cd Bd| gf gd ^cd|=cB AF GD|B,C DF Ac|(3BcB AF DF|GD B,D CA,|[G,D]6|| [GB,]2[GB]2[Bd]2|[Bg]2[Af]3[Ge]|[Ge]2[Bg]2[GB]2|[DB]6|[GB,]2[GB]2[Bd]2|[Bg]2[Af]3[Ge]|[Ge]2[Fd]3[Ec]| [FD]6|[DF]2[FA]2[Fd]2|[df]2[df]3[df]|[eg]2[eg]2[df]2|[DF]6|[DF]2[FA]2[Fd]2|[df]2[df]3[e^A]|[^d^A]2[Be]2=d2|[DB]6| [GB,]2[GB]2[Bd]2|[Bg]2[Af]3[Ge]|[Ge]2[Bg]2[GB]2|[DB]6|[GB,]2[GB]2[Bd]2|[Bg]2[Af]3[Ge]|[F^d]2[Ge]2[Ec]2|[CE]6| [CE]2[EG]2[Ec]2|[ec]2[ec]2[_B_d]2|[_B_d]2[=B=d]2[GB]2|[B,D]3[B,D] [B,G][GB]|[eB]2[Bd]4-|[Bd]3C DF|B3c/B/ AF|G2z2D2|G,2z4|]

FIDDLER'S WALTZ. Bluegrass, Waltz (3/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). Composed by bluegrass great contest fiddler Benny Martin, although the tune is associated with Howard "Big Howdy" Forrester, fiddler for many years with Roy Acuff's Smoky Mountain Boys.

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Recorded sources: -Graphic 1002, Pete McMahan - "Missouri Fiddlin' No. 3" (1977. Learned from Howdy Forrester). Missouri State Old Time Fiddlers' Association, Pete McMahan - "Kansas City Rag." MGM Records CUB 8008, Howdy Forrester - "Fancy Fiddlin' Country Style" (1962).

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