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X:1 T:Fire on the Mountain [4] M:C| L:1/8 N:from the Canebrake Rattlers B:Phillips - Traditional American Fiddle Tunes vol. 1 (1994, p. 86) K:Amix A2 AG F2[E2A2]|D2[FA][FA] G2 GG|F2 FD E2 A,2|1,3 D2 FD E2 FG:|2 2,4 D2 FF E4| efec BcAc|BA ^G2 A4:||:efec Bc A2|fg a2 g4| efec BcAc|BA B2c4|efec BcAc|BA^G2 A4:|]

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN [4]. AKA - "Fire in the Mountain." American, Reel (cut time). A Major/Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB. The tunes in this entry are idiosyncratic versions of the basic melody of "Fire on the Mountain (1)." Fiddler John Salyer's (1882-1952, Salyersville, east Kentucky) version is different than the more recent Canebrake Rattlers version, but both are linked by the short melodic motif that characterizes the tune family, as well as some structural similarities. See "Fire in the Mountain (7)" for Salyer's version.

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Source for notated version: - The Canebreak Rattlers [Phillips].

Printed sources : - Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 1), 1994; p. 86.

Recorded sources: -

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Hear John Salyer's 1941-42 home recording at Berea Sound Archives [1]

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