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X:1 T:Old Time Fire on the Mountain T:Fire on the Mountain [5] N:From the playing of fiddler Sam Connor (Virginia) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel N:ADae tuning (fiddle) D:Rounder 11266, Sam Connor & Dent Wimmer - The Art of Old Time Mountain Music (1974) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D A2-|A3A B2dd|+slide+f3g f2f2-|fdee d2B2| e3f e2ee| fdff edBd|A2BB dABB|dAfd edBd |A2 [D2A2]-[DA]DFF| A3A B2d2|+slide+f3g f2f2-|fdee d2B2|+slide+[e3e3]f [e2e2](e2| f)edf edBd|A2 BB dAB2|dAdf edBd |A3A- A3A|| |:A,3A,B,2D2|E-F3- F2DF-|FDEF D2B,2|E3F E2E2| EFD2 EDB,2|A,B,B,2D2 |D2DD EDB,2|1A,3A, A,2B,2:|2B,3B,A,2|| A2-|A3A B2dd|+slide+f3g f2f2-|fdee d2B2|

(OLD TIME) FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN [5]. American, Reel (cut time). USA, Franklin & Floyd Counties, southwest Va. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. No relation to any other versions by this title. The second strain is a variant of the first, played an octave lower. Tom Carter and Blanton Owen remark that the tune is reminiscent of Norman Edmond's "Hawks and Eagles." See also the tune "Sambo." Southwest Virginia musicians Sam Connor (fiddle) and Dent Wimmer (banjo), longtime friends and playing partners, played the tune as "Old Time Fire on the Mountain," while at the same time having in their repertory the usual "Fire on the Mountain" ("Hey Betty Martin") tune, albeit under the title "Ten Little Indians"[1].

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - Sam Connor (Copper Hill, Floyd County, Va.) [Milliner & Koken, Phillips]. From field recordings late 1970's.

Printed sources : - Milliner & Koken (Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes), 2011; p 481. Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 1), 1994; p. 86.

Recorded sources: -Rounder 0057, Sam Connor - "Old Originals, vol. 1" (1978). Rounder CD 1166, Sam Connor & Dent Wimmer - "Art of Old-Time Mountain Music" ().

See also listing at:
Hear Connor's version [1] and at Slippery Hill [2]

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