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X:1 T:Fitzmaurice's Polka C:John Kimmel S:Buttons & Bows Z:Nigel Gatherer <> M:2/4 L:1/16 R:Polka K:G D|:G2G2 FGAF|G2g2 efge|dedB GABG|ABAF DE (3FED| G2GG FGAF|G2g2 efge|dedB GABG|1 AFDF GDDD:|2 AFDF G3G|] K:D A2FG ABcd|D2c2 c2 z2|GGGG BBBB|F2FF F3A| A2FG ABcd|B2GA ABcd|B2GA BGBd|gfge cABc|dBAF D3A:| f4 fedB|A2A2 A3A|B2B2 BcdB|A2d2 f2d2|c6 Bc|d6 c2|B4- BcdB| e2c2 B2A2|f2f2 fedB|A2A2 A3A|B2B2 Bcde|f4 f2f2| g2g2 g2fe|a2a2 a2fd|B2 z2 c2 z2|1 d2A2 B2A2:|2 d2DD E2D2|] K:G G2G2 FGAF|Gg efge|dedB GABG|ABAF DE (3FED| G2GG FGAF|Gg efge|dedB GABG|AFDF G3 z|]

FITZMAURICE'S POLKA. American, Polka. G Major ('A' and 'D' parts) & D Major ('B' and 'C' parts). Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BBCC'D. An Irish-style polka composed by Brooklyn accordion player John "Dutch" Kimmel (1866-1942), who was of German and Irish heritage. Kimmel was one of the first musicians to record Irish music, but also played Scottish and popular tunes during his prolific recording career.

The title probably commemorates the 1928 transatlantic flight of Irish aviator Wikipedia:James Fitzmaurice, one of the the crew of the Breman. The feat made him a national hero (see "annotation:Fitzmaurice's Flight" for more).

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Recorded sources : - Edison 52488 (78 RPM), John H. Kimmel (1928). Victor 21141-B (78 RPM), John H. Kimmel (1928).

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