Annotation:Flowers of Limerick (1) (The)

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X:1 T:The Flowers of Limerick [1] D:The Smoky Chimney N:played in E flat on album, on tuned-down fiddle R:reel M:4/4 Z:transcribed by Paul de Grae L:1/8 K:G DGGF G3 A|B2 Bd cBAF|D3 E F3 G|ABcA (3BcB AG| DGGF G3 A|B2 Bd cAAc|d2 eg fdcA|1AGGF G3 E:|2 AGGF G3 B| |:dggf g3 a|bgga bgaf|d3 e f3 g|affg agfe| dggf g3 a|bg g2 agfe|d2 (3efg fdcA|AGGF G4:||

FLOWERS OF LIMERICK [1], THE (Blata Luimnig). AKA and see "Boys of the Spuds (The)," "Bunch of Kemp," "Bunch of Keys (1)," "Cairngorm Brooch," "Cronin's Favorite (1)," "Dancer's Reel," "Ewe with the Crooked Horn (3) (The)," "Jackson's Last Reel," "Lady Elmer’s Reel," "Last House in Connaught (The)," "Mills are Grinding (1) (The)," "Old Reel (The)," "Old Town Reel," "Paddy On the Turnpike (2)," "Telephone Reel." Irish, Reel. G Major (O'Neill): G Dorian/Major (Allan). Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCD (O'Neill): AABB (Allan). A member of a large and varied tune family whose members go by numerous titles with settings in various modes, from major (ionian) to dorian as well as mixed modes. Bayard (1981) identifies this as belonging to the "Paddy on the Turnpike" variant tune family. Nigel Gatherer identifies the Scottish tunes "Old Reel (The)" and "Cairngorum Brooch" as variants. Paul de Grae identifies "Bobby Casey's" as a related tune.

See also versions of the tune in Québecois repertoire as "Reel du plombier" and "Gigue irlandaises (2)."

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Recorded sources: -Green Linnet SIF-1110, Brendan Mulvihill - "My Love is in America: My Love is in America" (1991). Spin CD 1001, Eoghan O'Sullivan, Gerry Harrington, Paul De Grae - "The Smoky Chimney" (1996).

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