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X:1 T:Force of Hercules M:C L:1/8 B:Neil Stewart – Circus Tunes No. 2 (c. 1791, p. 1) N:Stewart published 8 small volumes of tunes played N:at the Edinburgh Royal Circus in the 1790’s. See also N:John Watlen’s circus collection. Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Bb [D4B4] A>Bc>A|[D2B2]B>B B2c2|d4 c>de>c|d2 d>d d3c| ~B>AB>c {Bc}d2 cB|A>FA>c f3c|d/f/=e/f/ e/d/c/B/ A2TG2|F2 F>F [C4F4]:| |:{F}f3e d>Bd>f|e>fg>e c4|{F}e3d c>Ac>e|d>ef>d B3F| B>dc>e d3B|d>fe>g f3e|(3fba {a}(3gfe d2Tc2|B2 B>B B4:|]

FORCE OF HERCULES Scottish, Country Dance Tune (whole time). B Flat Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune is associated with performances at Edinburgh's Royal Circus in the early 1790's, undoubtedly meant to accompany feats by a strongman, probably Pietro Bologna who was employed in that capacity at the time.

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Printed sources : - Neil Stewart (A Selection of Favorite Airs as Performed at the Royal Circus Edinburgh and Sadlers Wells London No. 2), 1791; p. 1.

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