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X:1 T:Cruise her in the Corner T:Four Courts Reel, The M:C L:1/8 R:Reel S:Stephen Grier music manuscript collection (1883, Gortletteragh, Co. Leitrim) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D AD (FE/D/) AD FE/D/|AD (FE/D/) G2 FG|AD (FE/D/) AD (FE/D/)|1 (Bc/d/) cA G2 FG:| |2 Bc/d/ cA G2 FE||D(BcA) d(BcA)|D(BcA) G2 FE|D(BcA) d(BcA)| (Bc/d/) cA G2 FE|D(BcA) d(BcA)|D(BcA) (GA)Bc|dB(cA) dB(cA)| Bc/d/ cA G2 FG||(AB/A/) Ac (Bc/B/) BG|(AB/A/) AF G2 FG| (AB/A/) Ac (Bc/B/) Bc|dB(cA) G2 FG|(AB/A/) Ac (Bc/B/) BG| (AB/A/) AF (GA)Bc|dB(cA) dB(cA)|Bc/d/ cA G2 FG||

FOUR COURTS [3], THE. AKA and see "Green Pigeon (The)." Irish, Reel. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC. "The Four Courts" is a reel with a variety of interesting variants, more or less resembling one another. Feldman and O'Doherty's (1979) northern Irish version is a cognate of O'Neill's first setting of "Four Courts (1) (The)," although with a different second part and a distanced third part from O'Neill. Researcher Conor Ward finds an early version in the 1883 music manuscript of Gortletteragh, Co. Leitrim, musician Stephen Grier, under the title "Cruise Her in the Corner."

See also the cognate reel "Green Pigeon (The)" from Book 1 (p. 39) of the large mid-19th century music manuscript collection of Canon wikipedia:James_Goodman_(musicologist) (1828-1896).

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - fiddler John McKeown [Feldman & O'Doherty].

Printed sources : - Feldman & O'Doherty (The Northern Fiddler), 1979; p. 237.

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